RNA Interference (RNAi): Targeted Gene Silencing

RNAi has emerged as an important mainstream tool for both basic- and applied research, and it has revolutionized the novel discipline known as functional genomics. RNAi is ubiquitous in eukaryotes and currently is the preferred tool for investigating the regulation of gene expression in plants, animals, and fungi. This method is becoming increasingly popular because of its wide-ranging applicability in research, which results from compatibility with cell culture and in vivo models. Comparatively speaking, RNAi is much faster and more economical than creating knock-out animals in order to study the function of specific genes. The resulting precision silencing of specific genes also makes RNAi an attractive platform for the discovery and development of life-saving pharmaceuticals. Continuing Education Units (CEUs) will be awarded upon completion of this workshop.

Lecture Topics:

         Overview of RNAi, including Essential RNAi Vocabulary

         Short Interfering RNA Approaches (siRNA)

         Short Hairpin RNA Approaches (shRNA)

         Micro-RNA Approaches (miRNA)

         DNA-Directed RNA Interference

         “Take a RISC – Role the Dicer”

         Design Strategies

         siRNA Delivery Methods

         Proper Handling of RNA and the RNase Peril

         Applications for RNAi

         RNA, Protein, and Functional Evaluation Assays


Laboratory Topics:

         Working with Pools of siRNA

         Cell Transfection

         Determining Efficiency of RNAi

         RT-PCR and Blot Analysis

         Western Blot Analysis


Dates / Locations / Tuition

This workshop will be conducted on-site only (at your location) in 2011. Please contact us for details.  



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